Lighting Our Corner of the Sky

This is a holiday season MULTI-GENERATIONAL service.  Our children and youth will lead us through a joyous spiritual exploration of how different religions celebrate at this time of the year. The faiths featured, Pagan, Jewish, Christian, Kwanzaa and Unitarian, will be delightfully expressed through story and song.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Our Musical Director Kerry-Anne Kutz will lead our community in a holiday season sing-a-long, with poems and story-telling. The musical talents of the Congregation, including some Lakeshore Community Choir members, will be solicited for this festive service reflecting the Christmas tradition.

Prospect of Writing & Publishing a Book

What motivations lead one to becoming a writer?  Michael Rooker who has written two books tells us about the prospects involved in venturing into writing and publishing: determination, readership, genres, power of the pen and the nature of the industry are among the angles to consider.

Hindu Tradition and Community Building

What role does Hinduism play in building community in this multi-cultural world? Baskar Goswami says:  Although born a Hindu, I consider myself more of an ‘Undo’! Undoing habit patterns that are causing suffering. The organization that I have co-founded, daana, is all about community building, and making wellness practices accessible to all.

Building Community Amongst Diversity

To speak about building community, we welcome back Clifford Lincoln once again. His native land is Mauritius, an island state with few natural resources, which yet seems to thrive quite well economically. He believes: “that prosperity and equitable living are tributaries to social peace and harmony, regardless of colour, tongue or faith.”

Kith and Kin and Congregation

The term “beloved community” is often used to speak about congregations. Rev. Stan Sears notes an emphasis on developing healthy relationships among the members, particularly in smaller congregations. But in some cases it means finding the delicate balance between so much closeness that it repels newcomers, while finding ways of enabling the congregation to grow.