Report on First Long-range Planning Meeting

The Long-range Planning Committee tasked with exploring ways to expand the Lakeshore Unitarian Universalist Congregation‘s membership met on Monday, November 13. The committee is tasked with exploring ways to best deploy (or not) our financial and other resources. The meeting was well attended and included insights from members who emailed their thoughts.  Although there was no clear consensus on how to move forward, everyone recognized the need to expand our community. Ideas discussed included relocating further west, hiring a part time minister, web/ online presence, strategic investments in marketing and updating our programming.

Future meetings will be planned to help narrow the focus of the discussions and presenting recommendations to the next year’s Annual General Assembly. All members are invited to join the discussion by contacting Timothy Byrnes via email (

– Timothy Byrnes, Chair, 2017-11-16

For background, see Long-range planning for our congregation