Many members and friends prefer to give what they can, when they can throughout the year, by dropping cheques or cash into the Sunday Service collections.  This is now not possible, but, there are JUST TWO ways members and friends of the Congregation can keep the money rolling in: 

1. The traditional way: Mail a cheque (or post-dated cheques for the year) to Lakeshore UU Congregation, 5065, rue Sherbrooke, Lachine, QC H8T 1H9 – Attention the Treasurer.  

2. Go onto your own on-line banking site, and select eTransfers via Interac.  There, choose ‘send an email’ and address it to

Lakeshore’s BMO account now accepts eTransfers via Interac automatically and NO LONGER requires you to write a security question. However, your financial institutional may possibly require that you enter a security question and response.

Don’t forget to indicate the amount and from which of your accounts you want take the money from. There is also a small memo line so IF you want the contribution to go to a special purpose just add one word there, such as Youth, Music, Sharing [Our Faith], Suitcases or Christmas [baskets].

If you need more details on giving to Lakeshore, please use contact the Treasurer via this email address: or use the Reply field below.

N.B. PayPal. Due to the complexity involved in trying to satisfy PayPal’s business information requests and the absence of broad interest by our members in using this payment method, we have terminated our involvement with this service.

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