“I am the God of All” – reflections on a sermon

Last Sunday, 8 October 2017, our guest presenter was Father Bob Lemire, a retired Catholic priest. With great sincerity and authenticity, he shared his own story of how the discovery of the message of Jesus Christ came to him in his difficult years as a young adult.  Realizing that he, like every other person, is created and loved by God, however you might understand him, was key to understanding his own inherent worth, despite what mistakes he might have made along his path.

While not using Christian language myself, I found Father Bob’s message of acceptance and love very powerful.  I took away the idea that we have a creative potential within each and everyone of ourselves, and that it is to us to accept fully the gift of life we have received, however it may manifest itself.

The implication for community seems to me to be that the diversity of ways of being is no barrier to seeing the spirit of creation within each other and offers us a way forward to building more satisfying connections.

– Christopher Thomson, 2017-10-13


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