Membership is not a requirement for participation in LUUC. We have many non-members who take an active role in our community. Membership is required to participate in decisions about the on-going day-to-day operations of LUUC.

If you’ve found a spiritual home with us, we encourage you to become a member of this community of seekers, doers and dreamers.

If I Want to Become a Member, What’s Involved?

Membership in the congregation allows you to have a voice in the governance of our congregation, serve as chair of a committee, and represent the congregation at Unitarian Universalist events and conferences.

When you feel that you are ready to deepen your relationship with this congregation, it is relatively easy. You will be asked to sign the Membership Book, make a financial pledge (of any size) and then you’ll be asked if you would like to take part in the lovely New Member Recognition Ceremony during a Sunday service.
In joining LUUC, you will be part of a spiritual community that is grounded in the long history of Unitarian Universalism.

Here are the full implications of becoming a member:

Membership Rights
Voting privileges at all meetings of members
Eligible to serve on any committee, including the nominating committee, and to be elected to the Board of Directors
Eligible to receive services of LUUC, including Acts of Civil Status and access to Mutual Aid Fund
Automatic membership in Canadian Unitarian Council and Unitarian Universalist Association

Responsibilities of Membership
To participate in the activities and services of the congregation
To assume a responsible share of the financial support required through an annual contribution
To support one another’s spiritual growth and to help create a warm and welcoming environment
To demonstrate respect for the worth of every person and openness to diversity

To learn more, call us up at 514 637 6974 or email our office at