Well, the first year of my term has just whizzed by! I think for my first year, I'm pretty satisfied with the results. On top of our regular services, we (the Board and congregation) took on some big challenges, namely the Eastern Regional Gathering last October, continuing the work to bring the jointly sponsored Syrian refugee family to Canada, lots and lots of choir activities, fun fundraising initiatives like the line dancing and Service Auction, etc. (I know I've probably left a lot of stuff out!)

But...There's always a 'but', isn't there...

We have more work to do! One of the Board's biggest pre-occupations is bringing new faces to our Sunday services and keeping them there. The membership committee is hard at work coming up with new strategies to implement, and this activity will be one of our big projects this summer in preparation for next fall. We have some ambitious plans!


Summer is also a time for play. And with that in mind, there are some BBQ activities lined up for the summer to look forward to (see page 6). I'm looking forward to these events. It'll be fun to get away from my computer and to come up for some fresh air. And I get to hang out with such cool people too! Lucky me!

- Irene