It's May! After a drenched April, it's nice to see the flowers and leaves coming out...

May is always a busy month at LUUC. Here are some of the events to look forward to:

May 6th - The Lakeshore Community Choir is participating in a concert event with the choirs from the other churches who make up the coalition to bring in a Syrian refugee family. The proceeds from this concert will benefit the family, who is still waiting for permission to enter Canada.

May 14th - The Men's Brigade will be back to prepare a special meal for all the moms in our congregation. This has become an annual tradition at LUUC that is not to be missed! Stay tuned for more info!

May 28th - Talent show! Our talent show is back for another edition following the potluck. If you wish to add an act to the program, please contact Rob Lutes, who is organizing the event. It's a great activity that showcases the talents of our members and we always have a great time.

We've just elected our new Board this last weekend, and I'd like to take a moment to thank Sari Kelen for her hard work as Director. She did a great job coordinating hospitality/greeting as well as the potluck crews and telephone committee. It's not an easy task! A big welcome goes out to Peter Abbott, who has agreed to complete the 2nd year of Sari's term. Peter, I look forward to working with you this year. I hope to draw from your previous experiences on the Board.

Enjoy the lovely sunshine and warmer weather (before the bugs come out)! Speaking of which, is anyone willing to host a BBQ this summer? Please let us know!

- Irene