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We, the LUUC community would like to inspire you to fill your Sunday mornings with something other than sleeping or shopping, and to fill your life with deeper and more significant meaning.

Are you looking to make an impact, to be of use to others, to expand your outreach?
Or perhaps you are seeking solace, comfort, a circle of supportive companions?
These are the roles that LUUC plays in our lives. We welcome you to join us in these undertakings.

Our Sunday Services are filled with moments of learning, celebration and meditation. Most importantly. we challenge ourselves and each other to live those values to which we aspire.

You can see all the ways that you can get involved within our community,
through our social action or by joining one of our committees.

You can see the principles to which we aspire under "About Us".

We are "lay led", meaning that any member can ask to present their ideas from the lectern, or can seek to inspire others to support a cause they believe in. Each person finds their own way to participate.