Music at the LUUC


Music is an important part of our Sunday services as well a deep source of joy for members and friends. Each week we are treated to the musical talents of our pianist, singer/songwriter and recording artist, Kerry-Anne Kutz, who has toured across Canada, in the USA and Europe. On special occasions, we are fortunate to have Kerry-Anne's husband Michael Cartile, an accomplished trumpet player, play trumpet solos as well as accompanying Kerry Anne and the congregation with a special verve and vibrancy.

Award winning local singer/songwriter Rob Lutes is another talented LUUC member, providing us with yet another type of musical experience. We are lucky (and thrilled!) to have other talented members and musician friends who also come and perform for us during various Sunday Services.

The whole community enjoys singing the uplifting songs found in the Unitarian hymnals, which focus on universal themes such as nature, personal growth, love, and peace.

And then there's the choir...