Children's Group: Activities and Curricula

Pre-schoolers and Lower Elementary:

The "Chalice Children" Program, through interactive play, stories, music and related activities, encourages children to think for themselves and to have respect for the values and beliefs of the larger community. We promote the basic values of love and respect for all people and the responsibility to make the world a better place.

Older Elementary School:

Through our "Tapestry of Faith" Program, the life of the child is emphasized, along with his or her experiences, beliefs, fears, and family relationships through discussion, historical perspectives, drama, and other creative experiences. We work hard to make our spiritual exploration program relevant to the times in which we live.

Children's Group Animator: Vanessa Soldano

Vanessa is a CEGEP student at John Abbott College and currently studying sciences in the hopes of becoming a clinical psychologist. She was born and raised in Montreal and although Unitarian Universalism isn't part of her upbringing, she is very attracted to the morals and values that UUs follow. She is eager to pass what she is learning to the next generation, as well as acquiring valuable lessons from the kids in the process. In addition to working with children and youth, her interests include music, particularly singing, which she has studied for years and is happy to be a part of the Lakeshore Choir!