Sunday Services

Services are held Sunday mornings at 10:30AM at 5065 Sherbrooke, Lachine.

June 4

FOUR MENTORS presented by Rev. Fred Cappuccino

Fred Cappuccino, Minister Emeritus, will tell us about some of his spiritual mentors, all of whom who had a profound influence on his thinking and behavior - and how their lives and teaching are relevant today.

June 11

WE ARE ALL EMPATHS presented by Judy Nagy

A discussion on the role of empathy in the community during times of crisis. How committing to take on the suffering of another human being can ultimately ignite creativity and lead to innovations that can help make the world a better, more compassionate place.

Judy Nagy is a professor of management at the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University and is currently working on a book, titled Empath Engine, which explores how empathy breeds innovation.

June 18

INTER-GENERATIONAL SERVICE presented by LUUC Children and Youth

The Children and Youth from LUUC’s SE program will once again be putting together the final Service that will take place on Sunday, June 18th. Over the past couple of months all three of our SE groups have taken part in discussion, activities, and games revolving around the Seven UU Principles.

One topic that emerged throughout the lessons was that of the four elements – Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. Since all three groups touched on this topic, we have decided to use the four elements to help guide us through the final service before the summer break. In doing this, each element will bring us through one part of the service, as we gather one final time before the summer to enjoy singing, dancing, poetry, and more. The children and youth are excited to share their hard work with the Congregation!