Child Naming and Dedication Ceremonies

Our officiants can help you to welcome and celebrate your child in a ceremony that is meaningful to you and your circle of family and friends.

Anyone, of whatever cultural or religious background, is welcome to engage a Unitarian Officiant to create a special ceremony for their child. Such ceremonies can take place anytime after the child's birth. Some parents have a ceremony when the child is an infant, others prefer to wait until the child is older and can understand the ceremony. You may also wish to dedicate other siblings during the same ceremony.

The content of the ceremony is established according to the requests and preferences of the parents.

Funerals and Memorial Services

We honour the universal need for ceremony to mark the end of a human life; Unitarian Universalist services are designed to celebrate the life and character of the deceased.

Our celebrants welcome participation from family and friends in designing a truly meaningful celebration, long-remembered by all who attend.

To learn more, please contact Peg Wooley, 514-630-1512