About Us

Who are we?

We are a community seeking knowledge, expressing compassion, providing service and working towards building a better world.

Our purpose is to be a vibrant, spiritual community where adults and children can grow free of dogma, guided by kindness, reason and conscience.

We respect your chosen path — whether theistic or non-theistic. Whoever you are, whatever your thoughts on spirituality, your cultural background, political leaning or sexual orientation, you are welcome in our West Island Unitarian Universalist group.

Perhaps you are a Unitarian Universalist (UU) looking for other UUs. Or maybe you are interested in "progressive thinking," and morality not dictated by any particular dogma or text and would like to get to know others who share your feelings and thoughts. Or perhaps you are interested in exploring the ultimate meanings and concerns of life. Unitarian Universalism welcomes all of these perspectives. LUUC is a place where you can fully express your questions, beliefs and doubts in an atmosphere of respect and acceptance.

You don't have to join the UUs to be a part of this group. You only need an interest in being with other spiritually liberal people and a willingness to respect others' points of view.