Long-range planning for our congregation

As part of our community’s on-going reflections on stewardship, we need to think not only about fundraising but also about how we spend our money. To this end, the Annual General Meeting in June 2017 adopted the following resolution:

To strike a committee to reflect on the uses to which our investment fund could be put to sustain and grow our community and to make appropriate recommendations in this regard to the Congregation.

An initial meeting of this committee is scheduled for Monday 13 November 2017 at 14:00 (2 pm) chez Christopher.

Would you please consider contributing your presence and ideas to this first meeting?  Phone Christopher at 514 634 5916

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– Christopher Thomson, 2017-10-23


Here are some reflections that Gabor Matyas, our internal auditor, has forwarded to us for consideration:

What should we do with our financial nest egg?

Personally, I would like all of it be invested in the long-term growth of our congregation.  And I see three ways that this could be done.

First, we could decide that the best way for LUUC to grow is by having a minister.  We could start gradually, by hiring a student minister, either half-time or full-time, and then graduating to an ordained minister, either half-time or full-time.  There is no need to get started on this until we have built up a bigger nest egg.

Second, we could buy a building of our own.  Again, there is no need to embark on this until we have built up a bigger nest egg, or maybe never.

I would call the third way the slow and steady option.  In this scenario we could continue to fund growth-oriented initiatives to generate growth.  These initiatives don’t need to be dramatic.  They could be things like increasing the frequency of inviting UU ministers to give sermons.  The focus of this initiative would be to upgrade the quality of the sermons and to increase their spiritual content.  What else?  I don’t know.  There must be more things we could do that generate growth but we forego them because we lack the manpower and because they cost money.

My own preference right now would be the third option.  This would probably  generate some growth while allowing the nest egg to continue to grow.  It would leave open the potential to do something more dramatic in the future.  Also, it would provide some insurance for a rainy day.  (About fifteen years ago our congregation had a near-death experience, with morale way down, attendance way down, membership way down, and it was thanks to some key people and our meager nest-egg at the time that enabled us to survive.) 


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  1. Funding growth-oriented initiatives is absolutely what is needed — but we need much more input about what actually will bring LUUC to the attention of people looking for greater spiritual depth in their lives. What sort of event or activity would attract your friends to attending an LUUC event?

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